Do I have a virus?!? Help ASAP PLEASE!

Alright, so I am guessing I have a virus. For some reason, when I try to open firefox it comes up with an error/crash and won't load. So I tried to open IE, same thing. I then tried to sign on to AIM and does the same thing, crashes and closes. Then try to sign onto my Steam account (online gaming account) and again it crashes when it tries to log on. My bittorrent program will also crash when trying to connect and I'm guessing I have some kind of a virus that keeps me from accessing the internet?

Please help me!
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More about virus asap please
  1. hi.
    1 u can scan your system for virus.
    2 i think u using firewall that cause you the problems.
  2. It isn't the firewall because I've had firewall the whole time and it's never given me a problem like this before.

    I've scanned with multiple scanners and says it detects nothing, or the latest one I did a web scan and it found a VXDL virus or something like that but wasn't able to clean it.
  3. Might not be the firewall, but I just want to point this out. Because something has "never given you a problem before" doesn't mean it's not possible too :P

    Hardware fails, software dies. It happens, always good to check those little things too :)
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