Do I have a virus?!? Please help asap!

Alright, so I am guessing I have a virus. For some reason, when I try to open firefox it comes up with an error/crash and won't load. So I tried to open IE, same thing. I then tried to sign on to AIM and does the same thing, crashes and closes. Then try to sign onto my Steam account (online gaming account) and again it crashes when it tries to log on. My bittorrent program will also crash when trying to connect and I'm guessing I have some kind of a virus that keeps me from accessing the internet?

Please help me!
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  1. well install an anti-virus program to see if it catches anything
    or boot into safe mode with networking and do an online scan
  2. Did a McAfee virus scan and it found nothing. Starting in safe mode it does the same thing there if I try to start firefox/ie it will come up with the error and asks me if I want it to send it to microsoft etc etc. but if I don't click on anything (don't send or send button in that window) then I can still continue to use the browser but that window is still open on the screen. What site should I go to for the online scan?
  3. if it's stable enough, try, or
  4. The computer and everything runs great, but it's just when I try to open firefox/ie/aim/anything that will need access to the internet, it comes up with the send this error to microsoft window and it will close the program. Now my firefox won't even open at all and I have to use IE.
  5. Did an online scan and it came up with this...

    1 severe issue
    Trojan: IRC/Flood.BF - Said it was deleted

    then 1 high issue - 2 items detected
    VXIDL and then the location of these two items and it stated that it couldn't clean them.

    Are these the two issues that is causing all of this?
    Download "RemoveItPro " a free anti-mal program (also has a non-free version ) that can rid you of those nasties that kill browsers.Yes, you will have to get onto another computer to download and burn it to disc so that you can install it on your computer.It can determine what processes and dll files the nasties are controlling so you can stop them and then delete them and remove them from your registry and system restore folder(System Information ).
  7. Yuo could also try the System Restore to go to a date when your PC was running fine. That won't necessarily get rid of a virus or spyware though ....
  8. once you have a virus you need to disable system restore so all the restore points and files get deleted otherwise by restoring you restore your some files and settings however you will also restore the virus. this is why you need to disable system restore once you know you have a virus.

    Once the system is clean and running 100% then put restore back on ;)
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