Notebook on work domain and home workgroup?

I have a notebook computer for work that is on a domain. I use it at home and connect to the internet and vpn to work with out a problem. But I need to connect to my home network which is a workgroup, for file sharing and printing. I also need to be able to do the same thing at my church network.

Is there a way to have the computer be able to log into a domain and a workgroup? Not at the same time.
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  1. Not easily. To connect to a workgroup, you need to remove your laptop from the domain. To do this, you will need an account with the proper permissions, and then you will need to make sure you also have the knowledge to restore your domain connection when back at work.

    Mechanically, to do this, you right click on My Computer, select Properties, select Computer Name, then click the "Change" button. It will give you the choice of domain or workgroup. If you are attached to the domain, and you attempt to change to a workgroup, you will be asked for the username and password of an accout with the privilege necesssary.

    You'd reverse the process to go back to the domain setting.

    Generally, if all you want to do is share a few files, it is not worth the trouble. Get a flash drive.
  2. That is what I was hoping I would not have to do. I have the proper permissions to do it. I was just hoping there would be an easier way to do it.

    The main reason I need to do this is for printing. I need to use an 11X17 printer at one location and printing to a file dosen't work because the driver can't see the printer to see what options are installed on the printer.
  3. You still have a couple of options. One would be to put the printer directly on the network instead of shared from a PC.

    A second would be to print to PDF and take the PDF file to the PC attached to the printer.
  4. I didn't think of printing to a PDF that might just work.


  5. I do this kind of thing all the time, and it's not too difficult. First off, even if your machine is on a domain, there is nothing stopping you from connecting to network resources in your workgroup even if your machine is not in that workgroup. As long as you can resolve the names of your home or church computers, you can connect.

    If you want to go to the next step and have quite different profiles for home/church and work, you can do this:

    Leave your computer in the domain used at work. Go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups, and create a user. This is the user you will use for home and church work. Of course, you'll need local admin access to your machine to do this. You may also want to add this new user to the local Administrators group. Also, you can even use the same username as you do at work.

    So when you get to work, you log in as fiber_todd, selecting your work domain in the "Domain" drop-down at the point of login. When you are at home our church, you log in as fiber_todd but select the local computer in the "Domain" drop-down. That way you won't affect your work profile when at home and you can even have different web proxy settings that match your needs at home if they are different from work.
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