USB 2.0 Enclosure for IDE Hard Disk

I have a 160GB and 40GB ATA Hard Disk lying around - I would like to put these into an USB 2.0 enclosure so as to make them external hard disks, as the computers in my house have very small cases which do not have room to house these pretty good hard disks.

I am currently using the 160GB in my MCE rig as the disk where the recordings are saved to, so as to not use up the main C: drive while recording. However, I wish to add another SATA hard disk to the rig but in order to do so I need to remove the 160GB hard disk from the case, but I wish to be able to use this hard disk as before - just this time is has to be outside the case, and also set up so I can yank it out and plug it into another computer or PVR as and when needed

First of all, what is the best solution for this type of setup (brand, mode, price, UK website which I can purchase it from etc.)

Also would it be possible to get an enclosure that would combine a 160GB and 40GB IDE Hard Disk into a single box and treat these as one big 200GB Hard Disk, with the capabilities as described above. I understand that I can buy external hard disks but I don't want the hassle of buying a new disk and then copying over the files - that would be a waste of such good drives which also cost me a packet at the time I bought them!! :oops:

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I was going to suggest you check Newegg; but then I noticed that you were in the UK. Do a search on Froogle or a similar site for a USB hard drive enclosure; I have not seen any enclosures that can combine hard drives. Note that if your 160 GB drive is a SATA drive there are enclosures that let you connect the external drive to an internal SATA connector; they come with a bracket that routes an internal SATA port to the outside of the case and then connects to your enclosure. It probably won't be hotswappable but that's not a major issue.
  2. I don't think there is a case that can handle more than one hdd unless it were a server type case, which are a lot more expensive have to be attached to a network. While you can't buy from newegg unless you have a friend in the US to trans ship, I' suggest you go to newegg and do a power search for hdd enclosures. I'm sure some of the models can be found in the UK
  3. So basically I couldn't set up an external RAID array of these discs and use them as one juicy USB 2.0 drive or a network drive unless I invest in a fair amount of coin?

    Looks like single enclosures for each drive is the way forward.

    Baring in mind I am in the UK, can anyone recommend some enclosures for ATA or Serial ATA drives that would enable me to plug these drives into a USB 2.0 port or hook them up as a NAS.
  4. Granted most of these already come with hard drives I pointed out some that allow you to add your own drives. Some of these only accept SATA and some accept only PATA, but you'll get the point that there are plenty of options out there that will do what you want.
    THG Review of external NAS.
    Lacie 2 bay and beyond externals.
    Galaxy 2 bay with raid. (Add your own drives)
    You can add up to 4 drives and build your own array.
    A Western Digital My Book Pro 1TB. Uses Two 500GB drives in Raid 1 and utilizes USB/Fireware/eSATA.

    Like I said before there are many many options out there. Never listen to anyone starting a reply back with "I don't think..."
  5. regardless of which brand you choose, I urge you to make sure you get an enclosure with a built in fan.

    My first external enclosure was just an aluminium shell with USB circuits, it overheated during long periods of use and the USB circuits died.

    I checked the drive, found it was still working okay and got an enclosure with built in fan...the drive is still working one year later.
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