Web Design Coffeecup, dreamweaver8, golive?

I know dreamweaver is a highly recarded program as far as web design, but coffeecup is the number one best seller and has 24 web design applications. I have 2 major questions. Of dreamweaver, coffeecup, and golive, which is better and why. Secondly is there a good tutorial on coffeecup like there is on DW and golive since coffeecup has so many applications, or must u buy a tutorial on every application?
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  1. I love Macro Media Dreamweaver8. The uniqueness is that its user friendly. One can go through the reference provided and make the necessary changes. Moreover it allows to test the various browsers.
  2. Macro Media Dreamweaver but the 7.0 version is much friendlier and HTML insert friendly then the 8 ;)
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