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Hello, I'm looking to build a
Antec mini skeleton with a ASRock H67M-ITX/HT motherboard, Core i5 2500k processor, Corsair Vengeance 8GB Duel Channel DDR3, Antec 750w high current gamer power supply, Seagate momentus 750 GB hard drive 2.5, Asus AMD Radeon vidio card. Will all this fit in the mini skeleton, will I be overclocking, and what cpu cooler will fit? This is the first computer I'm building and I'll be photoshopping, home theater, normal web use, DVD to VOB files, and some gaming
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  1. since it will be the first computer you will be building you should first familiarize yourself with how to do it.

    for instance you need to check out the following things when picking out parts:

    cpu socket number
    ram type, speed, quantity
    dual channel or triple channel mb
    mb size, ports, onboard audio, onboard video, usb speed, number, options
    video card outputs, slot, psu requirements
    hard drive type, connection type to mb
    psu calculation, correct number of cables, correct mb main power cable

    in general its a make sure the square peg goes in the square hole sort of deal. just make sure part A matches part B.

    as far as your choice of case.... you do NOT want an open case as you are asking for trouble. a metal box protects your case from static discharge, not having one is like not having a cover on a desktop fan and putting your fingers into it. spend less money on a case and more on your parts.

    i'd go with a low level i7 instead of an i5

    your choice of mb, just pick one that has the features you want and the right connections

    make sure you get the right number of ram sticks. minimum of 2 if dual channel, in increments of 2. minimum of 3 if triple channel, in increments of 3.

    i prefer nvidia graphics myself as the software seems easier to work with but this is up to you. normally i take one step down from the top tier so the system is good for 4-5 years.

    you can get a 1tb hd for around $100, might as well go that route. or get a small ssd for a boot drive and a hdd for a storage drive for speed. up to you. look in the hard drive section if you're interested in learning.

    no you will not need to overclock.

    no you do not need a special cpu cooler. the stock i7 cooler is more than enough.

    home theater use doesnt require much system power. photoshopping is mostly cpu draw i believe. web use is almost nil. dvd to vob i'm guessing is alot of cpu power and some decent ram usage. gaming nowdays seems to draw alot on the gpu, a bit on the cpu, and slightly on the ram.


    general advice:

    read alot of other peoples posts before you get too ahead of yourself.

    if you dont, and you just pick and choose at random you will be sorry.

    a little research, doublechecking, and question asking goes a long way.
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