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You guys may find this one usefull for your co-op's...


This script enables AI enemy groups to call other groups for backup
and may also call for artillery support when they encounter their
enemies (you!). The enemy groups estimate their chances against your
group and only call for backup if they "feel" overmatched.

If a group's rating is higher than the enemy, they will wait to call
for backup. If/when they feel overmatched they will call the nearest
friendly AI group for backup. There is also some randomness in the
group selection routine so it may not be the same group coming for
backup each time.

You can tweak the response of the groups by changing how you
initialize the script. The AI that spotted you will continue to
search for you and calling in support (if they "feel" overmatched)
as long as they live and are able to detect you or any of your group

The following are some of the things changed/added to the original

- Works in multiplayer.

- Enemy AI now react to suppressive fire from machine guns (M60,
PK etc.) so now machine gunners can be used a bit more tactical
and slow down advancing enemy infantry (optional, can be disabled).

- Enemy AI now "hear" and react to your gunfire even if not under
direct fire. Detection range depends on actual weapon fired. If the
enemy AI detects your gunfire they will take cover and leader will
scan in the direction of the gunfire, they may also decide to
advance in the same direction (optional, can be disabled).

- Enemy infantry will unmount jeeps/cars/trucks/BMP's/APC's ~200 m
prior to the last known location. They will proceed the last bit by


- If enemy infantry is in a helicopter they may paradrop over the
target area else the helicopter will try to land and they will be

- Enemy AI may call in artillery support at your location if they spot
you, but will only do so if no other enemy AI groups are in the
target area (artillery support can be disabled).

- If the support group don't find you and the alert is canceled they
will relocate and get back into their vehicles (if any) and resume
to their original waypoints (if any).

- At daytime if enemy vehicles is engaged (or spot you) en route to
the conflict point enemy AI may pop smoke while all infantry
soldiers rapidly unmounts the vehicles.

- If it's dark enemy AI will most likely use flares at the conflict
point to aid their search for you (it's considered dark between

- You can set number of maximum active enemy AI support groups or let
the script randomly select this between 2-5.

- Timeout for an alert is randomly generated by the script (~5-8

- The script randomly sets formation, speed, behavior and combat modes
for each support group individually when they are called for.

- Enemy AI groups will never (or very seldom) retreat. They will try
to fight you until the bitter end. This since the individual groups
are quite small in OFP (max 12 men) hope this will be fixed in OFP2.

- Backward compatible with previous versions, just delete the old
SQS-files and replace them with the new!


toadlife, Kegetys, Kriegerdaemon and all you guys at BAS

Version history

1.63 [Released 2004-09-21]

- Enemy AI now react to suppressive fire.
- Added new variables to allow tweaking of the suppr. fire script.
- Renamed some of the scripts files.
- Changed scope of some variables.

1.54 [Released 2003-09-17]

- Enemy AI "hear" and reacts to your gunfire.
- Changed scope of some variables.
- Fixed unit name for the Bradley.
- Decreased random chance for enemy to call on artillery support.
- Increased random delay before enemy artillery shelling starts.

1.21 [Released 2003-08-18]

- Added support for west standard vehicles.
- Global variables now complies to OFPEC tag system.

1.16 [Released 2003-05-06]

- Corrected some minor spelling errors, probably still some left ;-)
- Added advance example mission.

1.15 [Released 2003-05-05]

- Initial release.

See readme.txt and example mission for more details. You can download
it from the uRL below or grab it from OFPEC.


/Christer (a.k.a KeyCat)
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Sounds awesome.
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Yeah, like another much older script called "Advanced A.I.", I think, which
    wasn't as good as yours.

    Dunno about the retreat setting being so low, though. I've found some of
    the most interesting 3rd-world troop simulation is done when the retreat
    setting is high and you have multiple enemy squads, especially if you're
    defending a base against them.


    "Communique" <> wrote in message
    > Sounds awesome.
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