Fans don't come on after boot.

My cpu, system, and graphics card fans don't immediately come on after I turn on my computer. The graphics and system come on fairly quickly, but often the cpu fan won't come on until after i am in windows.

The temps are reported as being low and the cpu heat sink doesn't feel hot, but I was wondering is this a symptom of another problem or is it a normal thing that can be corrected through settings.
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  1. The Intel controlled fan won't come on unless the CPU goes above a certain temp. Not sure what it is but completely normal. :)

    It's in the BIOS settings, from memory its the smart fan function controlled by the fourth wire on the fan.
  2. thats really not normal - u sure? its in windows?

    your sure you saying it right - its normal for some mobos to double boot like the p5b-vm

    plus 8800's always delay until intial boot
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