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I recently changed my user account to LIMITED and it appears to be the only user account on my PC. I know I shouldn't be able to do this but from reading various articles it would appear a HIDDEN Administrator account gets started when XP is installed. I don't have original XP bootup disks and I now have no Administrator privilages to install and uninstall new software. Can anyone tell me how to either restore my account to Administrator or find and unlock the original HIDDEN account.
Many thanks
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  1. When you restart your computer start pushing the F8 key right after the BIOS screen and it should give you XP boot options. Select safe mode and answer any prompts until you get to the login screen. Administrator should be listed there for you to select and login with.
  2. No. When I do this there is no options for accounts, I can type in a username and password but I have to know them to type them in. I have tried (like most forums suggest) to login as 'Administrator' with no password but this says user name or password incorrect. I have also tried :-
    Launch Registry Editor.
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList in the Registry Editor.
    Double-click the Administrator key in the right pane.
    If the Administrator key doesn’t exist, right-click on the above tree in the pane, choose New, DWORD Value, name it Administrator and press .
    Type 1 in the “Value data” box.

    But this says unable to do.

    I have managed to change user passwords before using safemode startup but I have to be able to see the useraccounts in 'control panel user accounts' to do this but at the moment I cant show this hidden Administrator Account.
    Any other suggestions
  3. hi.
    ypou can't login as adm without a password since the adm acount has a password.
    i do not know if this will work on you but.
    sometimes i needed to just force shotdown(not normal) unplug power.
    when this is done some times then the windows shows the login screen before log the os.
    i repeat i am not sure about it.
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