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I've started using SpeedFan to monitor my temps, and I have four channels: System, CPU, AUX and HD0. The system matches the northbridge measurement from PCProbe, and the CPU temp matches the CPU temp from PCProbe, and these channels give believable numbers. I'm not heavily using the HDD, so HD0 temp stays around 27C without too much variation.

My question is what might the AUX channel be? There was no similar channel in PCProbe. The AUX channel reports temps that are generally 18C or so cooler than the CPU. I relate AUX to CPU because the AUX temperature rises with CPU activity. However, the characteristic is very different. For example, if I load my CPU to full, the CPU temp eventually reaches 55 to 56C, with the AUX at a little over 30C. When I bring the CPU down to 0% activity, the CPU temperature slowly comes down to about 32C (first-order response). The AUX channel, however, reports lower temps immediately (step-function). From this I would expect that the CPU temp is associated with the case or core temp of the CPU, and the AUX is either close to the CPU, or is a temp measurement on the Mobo.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the AUX channel is reporting?
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  1. I have a similar issue, except its an opposite...

    Current temps idle:

    System 35C
    CPU 36C
    AUX 52C
    HD0 31C
    HD1 23C
    HD2 27C

    When I run SuperPi 1M

    System at load temps:

    System 35C
    CPU 44C
    AUX 22C
    HD0 31C
    HD1 23C
    HD2 27C

    I can't understand why the temperature reduces under load, I've searched for an answer but have yet to find one.

    System Specs:

    P 945D at 3.4Ghz (stock)
    Asus P5WD2E Premium (Bios 0604)
    2x 1GB OCZ Spec Ops Edition DDR2 PC6400 @ 800mhz
    Asus x1900xt Crossfire Master
    Reserator 2 cooling CPU & NorthBridge
    X-Fi Fatal1ty
    BFG 128MB PhysX
    Zalman 600W heatpipe PSU

    I've tried removing and reinstalling Speedfan but it made no difference. Any help would be gratefully received.
  2. Very late (over a year, lol)

    I think you'll find the Aux is refering to your monitor. At least it does on mine anyway.
  3. mind

    system 83
    cpu 51
    aux 119
    hdo 39
    core 1 37
    core 2 37
    i dont get it why so hot
  4. I figured what the hell last post was over a yr old. I just wanted to say I have the same type of reading going on.

    system 33c
    gpu 45c
    cpu 40
    aux 65c system start up was 85c, it dropped after a few min of being on.
    hdo 24c
    hd1 27c
    core 1 25c though I have a 6 core cpu
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