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My Friends: I liked a screensaver I saw on another computer and saved the *.scr file to floppy. I am trying to install this screensaver on to my computer but am stuck. I tried looking for a "browse" option under "Screensavers" but could not find any. Any ideas how to do this? Windows XP Pro.Thanks.
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  1. Place it in C:\WINDOWS\System32
    --Make sure that the screensaver starts with " ss " e.g.. if the
    screensaver name is " pictures " rename it to " sspictures"

    found that on google, hope it helps! I don't use ss's myself
  2. Eh? What do you do Cheezie? Stand by?
  3. let it hibernate, my monitor is old and crap, if you wiggle the cord in the back the monitor shuts off... so instead of leaving something on it all the time, I let it go into power save mode so it doesn't blow up when not in use :)
  4. You never thought of putting it out of its misery with magnets yet? How evil and harsh of you :P
  5. Waiting till I get my big screen, then my 21" LCD is going to be my new monitor :D
  6. And may it be broken in with many hours of gaming... 8)
  7. CHEEZball is correct about spelling and location.

    Once you've done that, right-click your Desktop - Properties - Screensaver. Choose the new one - Apply - Ok.
  8. CHEEZball and others: Thanks for your replies. I just dragged it "as is" to my C:\Windows\System32 folder and it just appeared in my list of available screensavers just like that! Selected it, apply, OK, and it was that simple. Thanks again Cheezie!!!
  9. :bounce:
    Just right click on the Screen Saver file, then click install.
  10. I did everything Cheez said, but this is what I got :cry:
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