Need advise on quick connect drives!

Is there a device or something that I caninstall in my Home built PC that would allow me to pull one hard drive out and stick another in. This way I could switch between vista and xp with out dual boot.Bruce
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  1. You cant switch between OS'es like that with out a reboot. You can use a Virtual PC (VMWare, Microsoft Virtual PC) to run XP under Vista however.
  2. If you really want separate hard drives you can buy a hard drive cage. They fit in a 5.25'' bay. Of course, you'd probably want two of them because it'd be a pain to remove one hard drive out of the cage and put in a second one.
    But, you might be able to get away with keeping your Primary o/s hard drive inside your case and use the cage for your 2nd o/s by editing the boot.ini file. Anyone else wanna confirm this?
  3. I realize that you can't switch hard drives with out a boot. The cages sounds good because one drive will have to be disconnected so you could boot to the other, Thanks Bruce
  4. You need to buy a mobile rack or two. They are hot swappable, but since you intend on switching out the OS drive, then hot swappable is meaningless.


    iStarUSA T-7SATA - For SATA Drives

    Vantec MRK-102FD-BK EZ - For IDE Drives

    You may want to buy two of them (of the same model) so you don't have to bother with disconnecting / reconnecting the two OS drives in the inner casing, and then side it into the open bay. Plus doing so can cause wear and tear on the cables.
  5. Thanks, I will get a couple of racks and I will use which ever I want to boot to. Thanks Bruce
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