Belken Wireless G USB Network Adapter

This thing does not connect consistently, nor is it configurable by the windows wireless utility. Sometimes it will disconnect for no apparent reason, and will not find ANY wireless networks in range. Even when there are 10 other computers connected wirelessly just fine (w/ internal wireless cards)

Is there any fix for this thing? Or should I just get a PCI wireless card?
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  1. The problem is not PCI vs USB. Does your adapter have a long enough cable so you can try repositioning it for better reception?

    Not using the Windows utility is many times an advantage. If it works with the vendor utility, don't worry about it.

    If you have low signal strength, that is most likely the cause of the connection drops. You could try one of the various high gain antennas that are on the market.

    I haven't used any Belkin USB adapters... check the online reviews by other customers of your model adapter. Maybe it is just not very good.
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