How stable is Vista?

I'm trying to find out if I should use my free upgrade to Vista Premium from Dell immediately, or if I should wait a few months for the kinks to be worked out. I realize that Vista is not officially released yet. I also realize that we are in the stage of "release candidates," meaning that, theoretically, Vista should be pretty much stable enough for release. If we could put such side issues aside, I would really like to know how stable Vista is right now, and how stable it is anticipated to be by release. I've read dozens of articles about this, and you either read that this is the most stable version of Windows yet, or that this thing is less stable than XP and amounts to a downgrade. No one can seem to come to a middle ground and both sides can't be right. My kingdom for an unbiased, objective review of Vista's stability and potential for a viable release!

PS: My hope is that Vista Enterprise, already released, will be able to get the kinks out for the rest of us. Any info on how Enterprise is doing?
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  1. In the small amount of time I tinkered with it in the latest release, it was fine, my friend installed it on his computer but his reason for going back to XP was driver support. It didn't support his PDA and I think he had printer issues. Will I go to Vista next month? Maybe, it depends on patches to get my anti-virus to work are released and if my MSDNAA license or University will give me a copy by then. Do I think it's unstable? No. More unstable than XP? No, as it was nice when something DID crash, instead of a big BSoD, I can recover and keep my system online. So, the bottom line is, wait until the official release for better support and gauge whether or not it is worth to you. Right now, I can't justify the install because of lack of driver support and lack of software support with certain programs (Anti-Virus).

    So, just wait.
  2. Immediately? No, stick with XP until Feb. More, and improved, drivers will come out and they are what bring stability to the OS. By itself Vista is already better than XP.
  3. Well so far, im using ultimate 32 bit version, and my video card and sound work, but not too well. I know, its only december, but so far, it works. Games run a lil slower, and sound is a lil buggy.
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