How to stop Windows XP install from resuming?

I started an install on a scratched XP install cd, and got a CRC error partway through. I tried using different install discs, but they all try to resume the old installation. When the press any key to boot into cd/dvd message comes up, I do, and then a blue screen comes up saying "Setup is being restarted....." and I'm dumped back into the middle of the old installation, where I get a new error because of the missing setup files or some such error related to the current disc not being the same installation disc.

The obvious solution is to reformat the HD, but I don't have immediate access to a burner (or floppy) and would like to solve this problem asap. I've done a lot of searching, and can't figure out how restart the installation process. Very odd problem, please help.
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  1. The guy without the floppy drive.

    Borrowing a tip from the Linux forum, you can download the Fedora Core6 rescue cd iso and burn it. I'm assuming you can use a friends comp for this. If he has Nero, X out of the inside window and go up to the Recorder tab - Burn Image - locate the iso - check off "Finalize cd" - Burn. Real easy!

    Pop in the cd, and let it boot to a command prompt. You choose rescue at the beginning, don't install anything, and "skip" to the prompt. Everything is in memory.

    Type in the following commands:

    fdisk -l (that's a lower case L)

    This will give you the id of the hd; it'll look something like this /dev/hda. Make a note of it. Plug that exact id into the second part of the next command.

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1024

    there are three single spaces in that command: between dd & if; between zero & of; and between hda & bs.

    There is no progress info, but if the red hd light is on, it's working. Takes about 35 minutes per 20g. The command line showed a resume of what happened.

    This will wipe the drive and give you that shot at XP install heaven. Just shut off the box when done, and then back on again to eject the rescue cd and put in the XP.
  2. Wow, if you know that much, you could've just suggested burning a bootable dos cd with partition magic or fdisk :p

    Which is what I did, used the new XP install CD and new install went well. Upgrading to this system from a long line of laptops (most recently a dell inspiron 9300), I'm blown away at how fast everything is.

    Intel C2D E6600 @ 2.4ghz (waiting for a bit before overclocking)
    Zalman CNPS9500
    Gigabyte DS3
    Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 2x1GB
    eVGA GeForce 7950gt
    Antec 9000 Gaming Case
    Hiper 580w PSU
    Plextor 16x DVD-RW
    WD Raptor 150GB 10k-RPM
    Seagate 200GB
    Samsung 204b Monitor
    CL Sound Blaster X-Fi
  3. I like the Linux wipe. It writes zeroes to every bit.

    Happy endings are always great.

    Put yourself behind a router; do regular clean-up maintenance; and good luck!
  4. Don't HDs come from the manufacturer with zero'd drives? I mean, nothing has been written to them to leave any garbage values.. or maybe the way they're made the bits are entirely random?
  5. You had a failed XP install on that hard drive with a corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record).
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