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im building a new gaming pc and probably going to wait for vista to come out. however im wondering if all the hardware im buying right now will work with vista with the included drivers, if the companies that produce them will have drivers quickly after the release and so on. for instance if i buy a razer copperhead mouse, will i be able to use it with vista? my x1900gt graphics card i just bought? ect ect.
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    Since you gave me generic parameters, my generic answer is right now Vista is not fully supported hardware/softwarewise so I would wait until the official public release or one or two months beyond that.

    Since you cited your mouse and video card, those will work for sure right now. However, if you have anything extraneous like a PDA or printer, you may want to make sure it will work, Microsoft has a Vista compatibility wizard you can download and it will tell you.

    Compatibility Wizard.

    That'll tell you what works and what doesn't for sure. Even though it says some things may work or some of your programs are iffy, more than likely there will be Vista patches for it, so don't freak out.
  2. Geez, I work my ass off to get a Vista Compatibility sticky and no one reads it?
    To the original poster, at the top of this section is a compatibility guide.
  3. i did read the sticky, that was very nice. i just wanted some clarification
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