Linking Netgear WGR614 and ME102

I have a WGR614 wireless router and a ME102 wireless access point.

At the moment I have wired clients attached to both and a wireless client that connects to the WGR614 router. I am however trying to get the ME102 to connect to the WGR614 so that the remote end of the network can talk to the other pc's and use the net. However with my 5 years in networking my attempts have failed. There is a slight possibility that the ME102 is faulty but in access point mode computers can connect fine.

Anyway I have tried many things to get the two to communicate.

I set the ME102 to Access point client mode and entered the WGR614's MAC address into the access point. No joy. Then I tried bridging mode on the ME102 but once again no joy. The two are in wireless range since if I turn the WGR614 off and with the ME102 in access point mode my laptop can connect to the ME102 from where the WGR614 is.

I have turned wep off, I have tried different channels. They both have the same IP. The only weird thing is that when I started the access point up one time it appeared int he utility as DORRA with the other info scrambled. Updating the firmware fixed the problem as it seems the firmware got corrupted. Clients can connect to the access point but the two will not communicate in any of the modes.

Has anyone managed to get these two devices to work together?

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  1. No ideas.....Hmmm I will try netgear support then......
  2. You'll need to set the ME102 as a client of the router/AP. Straigt Point to Point bridging won't do you any good as no Router/AP combo I know of will bridge. Infrastructure won't do you any good of course either on the 102. If the ME102 has a "Client mode" or a workgroup bridge mode, something along those lines since I am not familiar with that gear, that is what you'd want. If it doesn't have that functionality, then you'll not be getting them to communicate.

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  3. Thanks, I tried setting the ME102 to Client access point mode and entering the WGR's MAC address into the ME102 so that it should (according to everything I read) associate with the other unit.

    I did find out however that the ME102 doesnt like to do bridging or access point client mode unless the second unit is an ME102 (or simlilar since it is the same hardware in the ME102 as the linksys WAP11). Now reading the linksys site it says nothing about getting the WAP11 to work with any other access point except another WAP11.

    So I guess although the ME102 will bridge and will go into client mode, it wont unless my router was actually a ME102 too.

    Since I found this out I went and ordered a Netgear ME101, this is a dedicated wireless bridge and it shows it in a network diagram with the wireless router I am using. (assuming netgear have actually checked these units are compatable since they list them together!)

    Thanks for your reply anyway.

  4. Not that it helps, since you already nailed the problem, but thought I would throw in me 2cents.

    I know the Linksys WAP's and the AP/Routers all do bridging at this point, but only with other linksys products.

    So I wouldn't be suprised if this is true with nearly everyone. another linksys or netgear.

    but thought I would throw that in.
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