Opinion on Overclocking Potential of New Build Please

I am doing a major upgrade on my system (AGP->PCI-E) and would value your opinions on how suitable it would be for (relatively simple) overclocking.
I've only dabbled a bit in overclocking before, but intend to learn / do more on the new hardware.

I've gone for a P965 / C2Duo E6300 as I understand they overclock well (and can beat the more expensive chips).

Is this correct, or would you make any other choices?

See my full post here; My Post

Thank you!
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  1. You are correct. The 965 from Gigabyte has really proven itself to be a good choice.
  2. Sounds fine though if you wait a week or so the price on the E6300 should drop and you can put the extra towards an 8800GTS 320.
  3. You are correct again! You're 2 for 2 today, keep it up. :D
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