Domain Controller (win2003) and this scenario

At work ,we have got around 30 servers they were joined domain (win2003).

From my laptop at work (within our LAN) I can access any one of these servers by using administrator account and password for the Domain Controller (username: dcadmin password : niceforum) .

Suppose I have got these servers called :

1- comback (username : back, password :back123),
2- comexch (username : exch , password :exch123)
3- comdbase (username : dbase, password :dbase123)
4- compay (username : pay, password : pay123),, etc

Shouldn't I be able to access any one of those server as stand alone ?
( i.e for instance if I want to access this server comeback, I have to type: username: back, password :back123 )
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  1. What do you mean by access?

    If you mean connect to share, you should be able to with any account that has permissions.

    If you mean remote desktop, then you need to check the remote desktop permissions for each user and each machine.
  2. Quote:
    What do you mean by access?

    I meant to say when you login to a PC, I did not mean RDP or sharing folder
  3. I still don't really understand the problem and what you are trying to do, but maybe you can try this:

    I guess the only thing that comes to mind is you need to check the log in locally/interactively permissions on the servers. This could be set in the server's local security policy, but is most likely controlled via group policy.
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