screen blinks when doing CTRL+C/X or right click

i'm running a recently reinstalled winXP SP2 with the latest video card drivers (FX5200) and whenever i right click on any file or select it and press control+C (or X), the screen would blink once and then go back up again. is this an indication that the video card's on its way out or is it something with the OS? btw, i also have ACDSee and Imagefox running so that when i right click on a file, it gives out a preview when it can (pictures, videos, music).

thanks in advance.
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  1. Sweet card; are you running it with PCIe?

    I doubt it's physically the card. If it was faltering, you would get sporadic blinks or shudders without prompting from keystrokes.

    One thing you could try (which occasionally improves things), is to uninstall the video driver in Control Panel's Add/Remove section. Don't reboot yet. X out of A/R, go down to System - Hardware - Device Manager. Your Display Adapter should read Standard VGA.

    Restart, and during POST, tap the F8 key until you get a menu. Choose Safe Mode and boot up into the Desktop. Find Device Manager again - go to Display Adapters and delete EVERYTHING in there (only inside of that section). Reboot.

    XP should reinstall the GeForce drivers automatically. If not, simply use their cd to enable this.
  2. I see. I'll definitely try chucking out the video drivers and putting new ones later on. i'll try first the video driver from the disc when i bought the card way back, then try the newest driver from the website later on. Thanks!

    oh, the FX5200's agp on mine. :D
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