Not a noob but stuck all the same!

Greetings all and welcome to my first post :P

I have a problem with a laptop that I bought for my littlun for Xmas. Its a Toshiba Sattelite. No bells and whistles but it works and its a great little puter to get her started on.

Anyway, when I first got it (S/H) it had Win 98 loaded on it. I decided to wipe the OS and go for a fresh install. This is when my troubles began :roll:

I installed Windows 98 and all was going well until the restart. When going through the final set up motions it hangs and does absolutely nothing, regardless of how long you leave it. This always happens when you enter the selection in keyboard manager. I choose the UK option, click ok and it hangs indefinately :?

What you get is an error prompt which is partially obscured by another window over that saying "Please wait while Windows installs the software"

The error message is partially covered by the other window but from what I can read it seems to be asking for another disc? :?

Ive tried to run this both with the disc in and also with the disc out.

I can run the PC in safe mode without any trouble but to get it to complete the install and run normally atm is completely impossible.

Any takers?

Cheers :D
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  1. Try installing with US keyboard and change it later if needed.
  2. Ive tried friend. In fact I dont think there is a keyboard setting I havent tried. Even Albanian!!! :lol:

    I have even tried setting the keyboard manager from CP in safe mode but still no joy :(
  3. Well one thing I can tell you for sure: you'll need the Win 98 CD or at least all the .cab files. When you try to install any keyboard other than the standard US 104-key keyboard, Windows is going to want the files off the CD. I don't know why it would freeze, though.
  4. Well its got me stumped! :P

    I did google this problem before starting this thread and found only one other instance of this. The solutions on offer were to disable virus notification and plug & play OS in the BIOS. Well I have taken a look at my BIOS and cant see these options available? :?

    Its bugging the life out of me now :P
  5. Instead of Win 98, why not try Win XP or Win ME?
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  6. Sometimes going to safe mode, then rebooting solves the problem. Otherwise, start over with fdisk, then installing Win98 again.
  7. Windows 98 is very unstable. I suggest you to use Windows XP, its the most stable Windows version.

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  8. Actually, W98se is fine, if you copy the system files (like autoexec startup files, command, etc b/4 wipeout. Judging by the Xp hangs and problems its not just a 98 prob. And you get no drm policies with 98se.

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