Bootup & sound problem..HELP!

OK, so i have an a8n-sli with dual ethernet ports. so i tried connecting my other pc to one of the 2 ports so it could get internet. didnt work, so i disabled nvidia firewall and my whole 2nd local area connection disappears, so i go create new connection then click setup network, and when its setting up a new connection it freezes and my windows xp tab on the bottom of my screen turns into windows classic tab, so i restart my pc. i go in and my sound card(x-fi platinum) isnt detected and it taked like 3 mintutes to load up my desktop. i can see my background wallpaper but my icons will not appear nor will explorer.exe initiate. and during the time my desktop boots up my whole bottom star tab is in windows classic, until everything loads(eventually) then it switched over to windows xp tab automatically. my computer used to take less than 15-20 seconds to bootup the desktop. my problems i need fixed are:
1.get sound card to be identified
2.make pc bootup faster again
3.make windows xp tab to be permanently applied again.

this all happened because i fiddled around with the new connections.WTF
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  1. Do a Restore Point from before that day.

    Start - Help & Support - Pick A Task - System Restore
  2. ok, i disable restore point, for certain reasons. i got my sound card to work and actually ive fixed eveything.
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