Is 2 GB RAM enough for Vista - can I mix/match between slots

I am building my VISTA machine right now.
Bought some very expensive OCZ Flex (PC9500) DDR2 sticks. Only 2 GB though.
Will that be enough to run games, do video rendering, basically edit my home movies......

Also if I decide to get more Dual Channel DDR2 RAM does it have to be the identical make or can I drop some different RAM into the 2 open slots/banks?
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  1. Even 1GB is enough... so with 2GB, you're all set.

    They don't have to be identical, but they should be as close as possible to the other two sticks. Brand usually doesn't matter, but specs do... any RAM you add should be as fast or faster than the existing RAM in your computer.
  2. Thanks,
    I was hoping I was OK with 2 Gigs.
    Under XP I hardly used 1 Gig....even with tons of programs running and running a game like Quake 2 on top.

    I got 2 Rimms of OCZ Flex DDR2 RAM rated 1150 (PC9500).
    They were expensive but I believe the potential of this RAM is tremendous, I read on the NET that it OC's to 1300Mhz on the 680i.

    I just thought with Vista supporting RAm over 2 Gigs I might need to add later and I would hate to spent another $500 on RAM.
  3. Getting anything higher PC2-6400 is a waste, these can overclock to 1100Mhz (good brands). You will see preformance gains in benchmarking but in real world use, you will hardly notice any improvement.
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