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Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.

I've a strange problem with a Compaq C300 running XP Media Centre and Norton Internet Security 2007. Running a full system scan results in the system crashing.

What's unusual about this is that the OS doesn't shut down, it powers off immediately - identically to the way it would if the battery had died but it was running off the mains. Battery was at 100% regardless. Switching the laptop back on and checking the event log shows no errors, not even a standard "unexpected shutdown" message.

This looks like a hardware issue but I've been able to recreate this 4 times during a full system scan and the system has not crashed at any other time. I may not be the scan itself causing the crash though, it may be some component buckling.

Anyone seen anything similar or having any great ideas? :)

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  1. Try running a scan in Safe Mode.

  2. Have you run that flavor of Norton's full scan before with good results?

    Try this. Unplug from the "net" and uninstall Norton. Do two reboots when done. One normal, the next in Safe Mode. Reboot normal a third time. Temporarily disable your screensaver and power profile.

    Reinstall Norton. When it's all done, reboot. While it's restarting, plug back into the "net". Allow Norton to get all of its' updates. Reboot and then try another full scan. Remember to disable screensaver and power profile while you're scanning.
  3. Nope, haven't been able to get a full scan to run correctly. If I configure a custom scan for a small directory or set of files this works. I kicked off a custom scan of C:\Windows and that crashed it though.

    I'll entirely remove the software, replace with AVG, update and scan. If this works then I'll remove AVG, reinstall Norton, update and scan. If this crashes it then it's looking like a Norton issue.

    The laptop isn't mine, it's a friend's (dontcha love tech support calls for new Christmas laptops? :)). I've asked him to run it today and tomorrow as normal to see if it crashes during any other operation.

    Thanks for the suggestions with this.

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