Windows reactivation nightmare. Please help

I just came back from a lan party. On the first boot, it didn't detect my dvd drive, and then, when I rebooted, all was fine except for one thing: Windows XP asked me to reactivate it because too many hardware changes were made on that product key. I enter my key and it says it's invalid because of the hardware changes.

I then go on the official XP support page and try to e-mail Microsoft. Apparently, each key has 2 free tries of each kind of support(Telephone, E-mail, Chat) but it refuses to let me have one(because my key is invalid) and tries charging me $45 to get support!

The only possible hardware change is when it didn't detect the dvd drive that one single time. This is a new computer and I have never changed a thing on it. I don't know what to do, I'm given 3 days to reactivate it and then I wont be able to use the computer anymore.

Please help ;_;
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  1. Activate over the phone... when the MS rep asks you why you need to activate, explain the situation. They should give you an activation code and they will NOT charge you.
  2. I'll try that, thanks. Is it a different number depending on the region you live in or is it international?
  3. It worked perfectly over the phone. Just 5 minutes with the MS rep and it was done.

    Thank you
  4. No problem. I didn't think you would have an issue getting them to help you.

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