New install woes...

It is late, I am tired...probably missing something obvious, my girlfriend keeps telling me to let it go and get some sleep but I will not go to bed with XP defeating least not without seeking advice.

So I build a new rig today, E6600, 8800 GTX, P5W DH Deluxe, 2GB DDR2-800.

Go to throw a brand new, fresh from the box Windows XP Media Center on it (it was a buy it get a vista coupon deal and it was cheap...whatever) Install is proceeding nicely then it starts asking me to insert the XP SP 2 disk.....umm....tear through the package find a disk that says "Updates for 2005" insert it, hit go and...nope, it spits that out, not the right I insert and hit go on the two other disk in the box, love there....hit cancel and it gives me a slew of errors then everything goes back to happy and the install finishes. But while trying to install drivers I am getting errors messages, missing .dlls and the like, the windows installer won't work right, so trying to install SP2 or anything after the fact fails, even the drivers for my mobo ....basically the gods of microsoft hate me, it appears even when I actually give them money for their OS.

So anyway I burned a disk with SP 2 on it on one of my other machines and now I am going to do a reinstall and see if it accepts that disk as the missing link..otherwise...I am frisbeeing these shiny golden disk out the window, hopefully at a passing microsoft engineer.

Any ideas out there? I know I am missing something....these 20 hour days have got to end.
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  1. Well I will reply to myself before I go to bed in the hopes someone might have some ideas....

    When I try to install any drivers or anything after a fresh install of XP (having to cacnel out when it ask during installation for the "Windows XP Proffessional Service Pack 2 CD, which, I tried burning off the web and supplying, no dice) So now it says something it tells me "the installshield engine (ikernel.exe) could not be launched the RPC server is unvailiable"

    I don't reinstall XP too often and never have had a multiple disk version to install, but this is just bugging the hell out of me...

    Well, off to sleep...then tomorrow I can go to the store and buy a new HSF and maybe under the light of morning, something will look different.
  2. This is easy, it occurs in Media center edition. When the installation ask for the sp2 cd, eject the current cd out then put it back/insert it in agian. It sounds strange and inconvenient, but that's how it is.

    So I guess try reinstalling agian with the above tip.
  3. huh....I tried that so many times it hurts my feelings. But I till try again, I think I was so tired I kept putting the wrong CD back in, you know, switching 1 for 2....that will teach me to buy the cheap media center for my non work Thanks mate.
  4. Well No dice again, tried exactly as advertised, it just pops a sceen up again saying "Some files on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 cd are needed" Then prompts me to insert the cd again, tried taking it out and whatnot....hmmm....this is bloody awful, see what I get for being cheap, now I am just angry...damn you microsoft!
  5. Had the same problem doing a reinstall for a family member. If anyone comes across this, it is asking for disk 1 again. A better way for setup to phrase it would be "Windows XP Professional (SP2)" or something like that. I had to tell it where to find a couple of the files on the disk, but then it was happy. Hopefully this will help you all in the future!
  6. OMG... I had the same issue & was tearing my hair out in between cursing @ Microsoft.

    BUT... it (Windows) wants you to put Disc 1 back in (you should have Disc 2 in the CD-ROM when the original msg pops up) and ensure you point IT to E:\i386

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