USB 2.0 only works at low speed ?

Mobo - ASUS P5VDC-X (VIA PT880 Ultra chipset) , Pentium D, DDR2 RAM.
Win XP SP2 and upadates.

No matter what I've tried, the USB only works at 12Mbs.

One of the USB root hubs (there are 5 of them) shows 8 ports available (but no way to connect to them), and these are the USB 2.0 ones. All other ports are 1.1

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Are the devices you're connecting USB 2.0 devices? If not, they will obviously only work at 1.1 speeds. If you're getting a message saying "This device can operate faster" or something along those lines, make sure you update your chipset drivers... sometimes applying SP 2 isn't enough to enable full USB 2.0 support.
  2. Thanks again, Zoron

    I have 2 USB 2.0 devices - an IP phone (and I didn't care for the fact it was working at low speed) and a new Xmas MP3 player, 2GB.
    This one is PIA to manage at low speed!

    That's where the problem is - thre are no VIA drivers for USB 2.0 besides the ones provided with SP2.

    A Google on the mobo has shown no significant number of posts (I've found none, but lots of seller ads) complaining of it.

    In VIA Arena and ASUS forums I found nothing also.

    The unusual part is that one of the USB hubs in device manager 'has' 8 free ports...
    I suppose this is the 2.0 hub that cannot be accessed (Sandra reports something similar)

  3. Download the latest VIA Hyperion chipset drivers and install them. The USB 2.0 drivers should be part of that package.
  4. I installed it anyway.

    But the USB 2.0 drivers ARE NOT part of it and all is the same.

    As I've posted above, the only drivers are the Windows ones !!!! (that's clearly stated by VIA).
  5. I've filed a request for support with ASUS.

    Let's see if they can solve it.
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