Foxconn MTB, Strobe Light Mod

Ok, I have 2 problems, so I'll just air them over here:
1. I have a Foxconn MTB, what MTB monitoring util can I score that'll give me feedback, but notr eat system resources.
Secondly, If I want to solder the power cable from a Strobe light I nicked from a small nightclub, how would I go about it (The strobe runs fine on ZA's standard 240V)
I must make my PC ito an epilepsy trigger... :twisted:

:!: Is there a way I could hook up the speed control to my PC? Software control it?!!
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  1. Quote:
    So your looking for software monitoring that dosn't use any resorces. Well any program has to use system resorces to run. No way around that.

    I don't want one that uses NO resources, just one that doesn't eat them, as in "to use exccessively" ...
    I've also come to the conculsion I should just plant a figure 8 plug in the bcak of my PC.

    Do you think it would be possible/advisiable to get the strobe to flash whenever a specified system event happens? Such as when I click the left mouse button?

    Also does anyone have a model number for a good case to mod? It needs the following attributes:

    - Black (But OK, I CAN paint it, but would prefer not to have to)
    - As little as possible exterior adornment
    - No fans/holes in the side covers.
    - No handles pre-mounted.
    - no f**king peek-a-boo slots for f**king stiffy drives.
    - Availiable in South Africa.
    - All LED's Blue and/or White, or non SMD

    The best suggestion so far was from Mugz: Gigabyte GZ-X1...
    I'd just like to lose the silver cover on the bottom, and the side fan holes...
  2. SpeedFan is a pretty good motherboard monitor, what's also nice about it is that it can interrogate the SMART (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Tech) on hard drives to give you all kindsa nifty info on your HDD. Works on SCSI and SATA setups too.

    The power for the strobe is a little interesting. A figure-8 socket/plug hacked into a PCI blanking plate, like mpilchfamily suggested, should work pretty well.

    Are you wanting it to switch on the strobelight with the PC, or separately? If separate, well, blah. If with the PC, just put a relay on one of your 12V PSU lines and the switch side of it onto the strobe powerline. Try to use a relay of less than 500mA draw. Mantech is your friend...

    The Gigabyte GZ-X1 is possibly your best option here for cases.
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