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Internal 5.25" bay for 3.5" hard drives not detected.

Last response: in Storage
April 20, 2007 5:40:38 PM

This is pretty much what it says. I bought an Internal 5.25" bay for 3.5" IDE hard drives on the other day, installed it with a drive I know to be working and connected the bay as the primary IDE slave.

I powered on, turned on the drive and a few seconds after logging into Windows XP Pro, I got a popup alert telling me the new hardware (not specified what hardware) had been installed and a restart was required. I thought 'fine', restarted but no sign of the drive that I have inserted in the drive bay.

It's a key activated one so when I insert the drive and turn the key to lock it in place and power it on I get a power LED and an activity LED for a few seconds then nothing but the power LED and no apparent detection in windows.

I don't know what brand this thing is but it's basically just a bay that connects to an IDE channel and then the drive case slots into this and connects through a parallel or SCSI (not sure which it is) socket.

Can anyone give me any tips or point me in the way of a solution? Do these things need drivers? I've talked to the seller but he never needed any addition software for it. He's offered a refund but I want to try and get it running first. Do the jumper settings on the HDD make any difference? Or does the bay need to be set as the primary IDE master or as the only IDE device on the channel?

Any advice welcome.
April 20, 2007 5:46:53 PM

Set the jumper to slave if you have it hooked to the IDE cable as a slave.