Wow!! The E6600 $239.99!!!!!

Thats a good price for the E6600. Prices are already coming down before April 22.

Think I will take two!!!!
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  1. Q6600 = $260 in Q3 8)
  2. What about the QX6700. Will that come down too?
  3. I would buy it from one of those but i probally wouldnt get it any faster than ordering it at newegg on sunday since neither would ship til Monday lol. I ordered everything else from newegg might as well get that too lol

  4. At clubit you have to deal with $40 rebate. At ZipZoomFly there is no rebate for $235, free shipping, and comes with free retail supreme commander!
  5. Oh! it's only 375$ CDN, yesterday it was 399$!
  6. Be careful guys, Intel is going to be giving quad cores soon and it will be very affordable. That is very tempting but there are better in the next few months.
  7. Q6600 = $266 in September. Hold on boys.
  8. I want a new computer now so come september ill just buy a q6600 and sell the e6600 for a 100 or so bucks lol
  9. I am going to be buying both. The QX6700, and an E6600. Just wish I knew how the Batch codes are doing.
  10. how good will the q6600 be? when will quad cores increase gaming performance?
  11. what the F$$$ are batch codes?
  12. Hell it's so cheap you can buy some now and later..........

    Buy Buy Buy Buy

  13. They look like this L624A819, or L624B819. The ones that have the B in them are the latest ones manufatured. The later the better they will overclock!!! The "B" codes are hitting 3.6Ghz easy with 1.42 volts.
  14. thanks for telling me. btw, how the fuck do you know this stuff? :)

    remember the one with b :) so how do we check the batch codes? hurry and know for me!
  15. anyone heard about how well those quad-cores oc? imagine getting Q6600 for 250$ then oc it to 3.0ghz on air. hehe.
  16. I believe that is doable...
  17. Quote:
    Q6600 = $260 in Q3 8)

    Yea, but if you wait until q2 09 we will see Q6600<$100.
  18. Quote:
    Q6600 = $260 in Q3 8)

    Yea, but if you wait until q2 09 we will see Q6600<$100.

    Quad-Core Celerons....$59.00
  19. In 2009 hopefully we'll see dual core celerons, but quad would definately be nice. It'll probably match the E4300 specifications to a degree. Then again, the more cores, the more bandwidth that's needed. That Intel integrated memory controller will definately come in handy soon.
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