In regards to a 8800GTS 320mb, what is considered high res?

I know with the higher resolution you go, the more the 320mb of available vRAM will effect your performance, but my question is, what exactly is considered a high or too high resolution for this card? How does it handle 1680x1050? 1920x1200?

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  1. 1680x1050 is on the border, 1920x1200 is really pushing it. In this Anandtech review, the 320 does fine at 1920x1200 without AA/AF on but the memory limitation is noticed as soon as 4xAA goes on in FEAR.
  2. I would like to add that it also depends on the game. In a game that is pretty light ont he GPU overall you will be able to achieve a higher resolution much easier. If you have an LCD I would definitely run every game at the native resolution and sacrifice other graphics settings first. So i guess I would advise you make your decision based ont he native res of your screen. BTW are you buying a monitor or a video card, it sounds like you could be looking for one of the two?
  3. I play at 1680x1050 using a radeon x1950xt with 256mb ram. Only game i've come across that has trouble is rainbow 6 vegas as this uses the new unreal engine and shafts my pc. Its the only game where i have had to drop the resolution.
  4. Quote:
    BTW are you buying a monitor or a video card, it sounds like you could be looking for one of the two?

    I'm in the process of building a new PC in which I will also be upgrading my monitor. I'll most likely be purchasing a 22' LCD so I will be running a native resolution of 1680x1050; which is why I was curious about the 8800gts 320mb's performance at that size.

    Thanks for the link to the benchmarks, checking that out right now.
  5. I have a 22" LCD running 1680x1050 and a 320MB GTS. Most games it does fine, but I would like more, especially for running Oblivion with 4XAA/16XAF with some mods. Anyway, just depends on your games and desires. It's great for the price, but not a 1680x1050 Max detail/eye candy card in all of todays games by any means. For that grab the 8800GTX or wait and see how R600 XT does.
  6. At 1440x900, you will be totally safe. In any game at any settings.
    Problem is that you cant go larger than 19"/20" at that resolution (are there 20" 1440x900 monitors to begin with?), otherwise it would look damn awful.
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