Need help reformatting HDD!?!??!

I installed mbm and ever since when I enter windows the monitor, keyboard and mouse dont work. I wanted to reformat but when I put in the windows XP CD it boots straight back into windows from the CD so I am left back where I started. I know this is a noob question but could someone plz tell me how Im supposed to reformat my hard drive so that I can reinstall windows normally. Could I use a ms-dos disk perhaps?? ALso, how would I do that ???

thanks for help
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  1. there is no reason to reformat and install windows.

    instead uninstall and reinstall the drivers for your monitor, keyboard and mouse ;)
  2. Keep tapping the F8 key when you first turn to get a menu on which you can enter Safe Mode. Hopefully you will have use of your peripherals there.

    If you do, go to Control Panel - Add/Remove - and uninstall mbm (I'm assuming you mean motherboard monitor). Reboot normally, and let me know if you're all better.
  3. Actually yeah your right I managed to boot on the cd on safe mode and I removed the motherboard monitor but the problem is still there. I dont mind reformatting HDD but could you tell me how from the windwos screen :oops:

  4. you can't install your drives instead?
  5. Can't you just boot from the Windows XP CD and start the Windows installation program? You can reformat the hard drive from there.

  6. well if you can install the drivers for those 3 its much easier but if you can't do that then here is a step by step
  7. Actually I entered windows in safe mode then started the CD from there and it worked. It would enter straight into windows when I booted from the CD

    thanks for all the help everyone!
  8. You have to change boot order in your BIOS set-up. CD-ROM should be set to boot before any hard drives in order to be able to boot from the Windows CD.
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