MSI K8N Diamond socket 939 CPU upgrade.....

I have a gaming system built on a K8N mobo with a Athlon 64 3800 (single)
2 SLI'ed 7800GT OC vid cards
4 gig ram
Win XP (not changing to Vista)

I would like to upgrade CPU, and was looking at a FX-60 since that is the last 939 cpu amd made.
Cost is around $300 for a OEM FX 60

My question is whether or not to uprade to a new mobo and new CPU for another $100 or all the hassle

I'm wondering if i should get by with the FX 60 for another year, or go ahead now and switch.
The CPU charts look pretty good for the FX 60!

my reason for staying with a FX 60 upgrade for now is because Divx 10 games will not be around for a year anyways.

And lastly, will I have to run XP in 64 bit mode with the FX 60?

Any opinions appreciated.

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  1. Unless you need to have the highest FPS possible, the FX-60 will be fine for a while. It is a good CPU that can hold its own. IMO, I want to spend as little on upgrades as possible at any given time. The final choice is yours though. Actually, looking at, you could do a lot better for less. Buy an AM2 X2 6000+ for $239 and then buy an AM2 mobo. You will end up saving money this way (only one CPU upgrade and you get a newer socket which is supposed to work with K10). The 6000+ performs better than the FX-60 and is 60 bucks less. As far as the 64-bit thing: The 64-bit support means that it can run XP or Vista 64-bit. It does not mean that it has to run in 64-bit.

    X2 6000+
  2. Your current ram isn't compatible with AM2 - so the FX60 is the last place you can go - in my opinion.
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