BSOD when cleaning registry, need some help

I'm getting a page fault in a non-paged area BSOD when I clean my registry... I ran the cleaner because upon booting up I was told that my registry had to be retrieved from a backup due to some sort of corruption... it may have been something my defragger did (the last thing I did was run my nightly maintainance (hadn't run in a while) which checks all disks for errors and defrags the ones without errors using O&O defrag....

Anyone know a good way to recover from this? I have registry backups saved at every successful boot if needed but I'd prefer not to have to figure out what I've installed or modified reg settings for since the last time I booted up...

Running XP pro.

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  1. do a repair off of your xp cd that will reset your xp's regkeys and keep everything else as it is ;)
  2. Try doing a Restore point first.

    Control Panel - Help & Support - look for Restore here. Pick one a day or two before the mess-up.
  3. hmm... I hadn't run the clean up in a while, so it could have happened before that... I'll look further into it
  4. ok the crash is happening when registry cleaner 4.3 searches for orphan file references. It finds maybe 12 or so, freezes for a sec, then I get BSOD. I'm assuming something associated with the reference lookup causes the page fault in a non-paged area...
  5. Is this the Vuorio Freeware product?

    Try running it in Safe Mode.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for. That may be significant. I can't believe a free app is going to be as aggressive or powerful as something you pay for.

    I recommend "Registry Fix". I've never had a crash in four-five years, personally or commercially, covering hundreds of comps. Always run with normal desktop. $39US. Do not trial this if you're interested; it's too "lite". Buy the full version.
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