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I am frustrated with my computer today. Over the holidays my daughter installed bearshare on my computer to listem to a song. I noticed it yesterday when my computer was acting strange. I immediatly deleted it. However it was worse after delete. I deceded to format and reinstall my os. If there was a bad bug it would be gone also.
My problems began here upon entering the bios to set it to read the cd fist. I found that i could not save my choice. When I hit f10 it jus beeped at me. So I sat it and went back to the first and hit save changes. It worked and I was able to get the 7 disks to load. When the 7th finished loading a message came up telling me "There was no user partition." So I am thinking ok it did not read a disk. I tried to reinstall it. But I am stuck at the installtion screen. With this message returning. Please help. If I need to trash it OK. If I can fix it better. If it is best left to a professional just tell me.

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  1. Let me know if you can get your hands on a W98 boot diskette from an acquaintance. If you can, delete drivespace or doublespace from it and add a utility file called debug.exe. This would be found in a 98 machine in the C:\Windows\Command folder. Do a copy and paste thing.

    I will put you through a simple debug routine to zero out the boot partition.

    How old are the XP diskettes? Unfortunately, floppies have a short shelf life. Some as little as two years. One of them may have gone bad.

    You can get by with a boot order of floppy, cd drive, hd. The optimal is cd, floppy, hd.

    Can you borrow someones' XP cd (has to be the same "flavor" as yours; Home, Pro)? If so you can use that, and just input your key when asked.
  2. It sounds like you have an HP PC. If so, you need to go into the Advanced options of the Recovery CD and select a Destructive Restore.

  3. The Grump man is right. That is a viable, less complicated solution.

    I posited my response, because, many times at Bearshare one can pick up a boot sector virus, which she is presenting symptons for.

    Terrie, if it is an HP, go with the Destructive Restore first and let us know how it worked out.
  4. nobody should use bareshare anyways.

    good p2p are edonkey lite, utorrent, newsgroups

    forget the rest
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