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I have just reformated an older Dell machine to give to our daughter and family, and while installing XP I set up various users for them. They now have it at their home, and have just gone into Control Panel/User Accounts to set up rights for their daughter. They noted a user account "ASP.NET Machine A" in the control panel/user accounts, although this "user" does not appear at the log-in stage of booting up the machine.

They are concerned that this may be something malicious. Our grandson has put lots of s/w on for his iPod, iTunes. etc., and I had also installed the latest Norton on it. Has anyone heard or seen of this "user account" before?

Thanks- Bruce.
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  1. you have netframe work installed which used acp.ent account. nothing to worry about.

    The aspnet_wp or ASP.NET Machine Account is created when the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 is installed onto a Windows XP computer. The user is created to run the worker process used in Microsoft's Internet Information Services, which allows to run on your local web server (This is pretty much its only use, it is not used to run normal .net managed executables). There is not a need to worry about this user's presence; it was not created in malicious way.

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  2. You should ask yourself why an old machine would have Net-Framework 1.1 installed.

    This is basically a "developer" component (23mb in size), to create software for deployment & management. You could most likely do without it.
  3. If you install the Dell Support software, it requires the .Net 1.1 framework to be installed.

  4. Also if you have a Radeon card and you want to use Catalyst Control Center, you need to have some version of .NET framework installed.
  5. Thanks guys! Two points I was not aware of. That will be preserved in my archives.
  6. Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. This system is a Dell, and the OS was on a Dell CD, later updated to SP2. Also has a Radeon GPU in it. Bruce.
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