conversion of windows mp 10 to 11: FAILED PLZ HELP

stupid ass dell comp, new system for a friend, i tried to install 11 in place of 10. some error occured, now when i open "11" it says 10.029 something was expected and 11.02.1 something was found. now when i try and uninstall it says access denied, cannont continue, so can't uninstall, when i try and install 10 it says newer verison is already in place. so in short i believe that there is something that needs to be deleted in the registry. and manual deletion of the files doesn't work either. plz help.
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  1. Try a restore point back to the day before, (or more).

    Start - Help & Support - look for System Restore over on the bottom right.

    The points available are in bold on the calendar. If this is successful, boot up in Safe Mode and uninstall all Windows Media Players in Add/Remove. Check the box that says Show Updates first. You should find your beleaguered 11 in Software Updates, and the 10 in Windows Components.

    Reboot and click Windows Update and find WMP in optional software. ALWAYS let the Update Manager install this.
  2. You need to go to the system32 folder, and start looking at all the .dll files starting in the "wmp" range and continue on thorugh the rest of the Ws. Right click each one, and look under properties. Click on the version tab, and see if it is described as som sort of Windows Media file. They should have version 10 or 11, or even a 9 or 8. If you want to get back to wmp 10, simply delete every .dll that has a version of 11. Continue on through the rest on the .dll files until you stop getting version 11 files which are described as some sort of Windows Media file under the version tab. After you're done with that , you should now be able to install wmp 10 again. That worked for me when I was having the same problems going from wmp 10 back to wmp 9 at least. Good luck. :wink:
  3. God! That's why I love these forums. Teaching an old dog new tricks. If that works, it's certainly a lot easier than my technique.

    joe, do you remember (ballpark) about how many files you had to deal with?
  4. Uh...I'm guessing I probably ended up deleting ~6 .dll files. Wasn't a terrible lot. Just looking at my system32 folder, I'm only seeing about a dozen .dll files that start with "wmp".
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