Re-installing MS Outlook 2003, and Personal Folders.

I have built a new system, and have now installed MS Office 2003. I saved to a DVD my old outlook.pst file, and moved that to the correct location in the new system, and can now see all of my contacts and e-mails info. However, I have somehow screwed up and have multiple copies of my Personal Folders appearing in Outlook (but only one physical folder that I transferred over). I can't seem to be able to delete them within the application. Any ideas of how I might get rid of the surplus personal folders? Over-writing the personal.pst file with another copy from my original system, and re-installing Office 2003 both have no effect on this.

Thanks for any help. Bruce.
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  1. If you took the PST files from a cd or dvd they are probably read only. Right click on the file itself , Properties, and uncheck read only. then delete the pst from outlook and reinstall one copy. There is a setting in outlook that lets you overight duplicate messages, that should be selected when importing the pst files. I hope that helps...
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