Can't find network (router)

Ok, i had a network, with a router and two computers connected to it (aside from an internet modem). Now i had to format one of the computers, so obviously i have lost all configurations on that PC.

The strange thing is that now, with the network cable connected, I cannot seem to connect again to that network.

I have tried using Win XP's network setup wizard, i have tried logging into the router through it's IP... nothing. It just won't find it.

I've even run IPScan to try to find any live IP addresses (ie: the router) and it finds nothing.

The funny thing is that when i check for the NIC card in the device manager, it is not listed there...

Any suggestions?

Can someone give me a step by step guide on how i should add this computer to the router network, just in case i'm doing something wrong?

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  1. Have you installed the driver for your NIC?

  2. I got a similar problem Here I have gotten a new modem from my possy for internet because my last one was all tripin on me. Anyways, now that I have the new modem which is a (ZyXEL prestige 600 series) all pluged in to my (NETGEAR MR814v2) router and ready to go it sends a connection to my computer and my computer says I have an internet connection at about 100 Mbps but when I go to my firefox it isn't able to go to any websites so I'm all like :evil: . I can only get onto the actual internet by plugin my modem directly into my computer instead of plugin my modem into my Netgear router and then into my computer. if anyone can help that'd be GRAND!! thanks and if you need any more info just reply back. THANX :D
  3. Do you power cycle the modem before connecting it to the router? Have you looked at the router's status to see if it's getting an IP address from the modem?

  4. um well I have a MR814v2 NETGEAR router and I don't know how to look at it's settings or anything because I don't have the disc it came with. But also what does cycle power with modem mean? THANXXXX for replying.
  5. "Power cycle" means disconnecting the power cord and 10 secands and then reconnecting it. Open a web browser and type in the address space. Login with username admin and password as the password. Click on the Status tab to check for an IP address.

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