CPU price drops on NewEgg

It doesn't look like the full price cuts are in effect yet (QX6600 and E6700 at least should drop more), but it does look like NewEgg slashed prices tonight. The new E6x20 cpus aren't up yet (probably not allowed to list them until the 22nd).

QX6600 $659
E6700 $485
E6600 $235
E6400 $196
E6300 $176
E4300 $135

As an added bonus, some cpus come with a free copy of Supreme Commander.
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  1. Quote:
    The new E6x20 cpus aren't up yet (probably not allowed to list them until the 22nd).

    They were actually up last night and then taken down.

    BTW, Newegg seems to be lagging behind zipzoomfly at lowering prices - the q6600 is down to $559.99 there, and the E6600 went down about 4 hours earlier at ZZF as well. Not like it matters, neither will be shipping until Monday likely.
  2. I haven't used ZZF in quite a while (had actually forgotten about them when building my current system).

    I just ordered my E6600 from NewEgg ($235 with free Sup Cmdr (I'll but it for free :P )).

    Only part left to order for my system is TT Extreme Spirit II chipset cooler (if I can find one with reasonable shipping). Next Saturday is "build my new system" day. :D
  3. Im ready to hit checkout on my build coming in just under 2000.

    Only issue is Ram on the DS3. Anyone have a DS3 rev 3 mobo mind listing the exact ram you currently use.

    And did your ram boot up without any issues? Did you have to adjust any bios settings or boot with other ram? And how OC friendly is your ram.

  4. I just went with 1.8/1.9V RAM so I didn't have to worry about it (plus it should run cooler at lower voltage).

    What you want depends on what cpu you're getting. I got the E6600 (x9 multiplier) so I just needed DDR2-800 (pretty much no chance of overclocking above 3.6GHz on air so no need to oc the RAM).
  5. People like you Soldier37, are the real enemy because you do not bring anything positive to these forums, unless it is to praise a product, which you believe to have a better name!

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