evga 8800gts 320 running temps

here is the question,
my new video cards a working great,but the temperture seems high.
i was told there good.were do you find the running temps of the 8800gts 320.
im running idle at gpu1-66c
in game play gpu1-70c
i was told the threshold limit is 80c is this normal and yes i,ve looked on nvidia site for temp specs cant find anywere does any one know a site that will have the temp specs of my video card
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  1. It looks like they are running an open bench system, so temps will not be close to what you get in a closed computer case. But sure, like in your link, he can boost RPM if he wants lower temps.

    OP, I have the same card as you, Yours seem a little higher than mine, but not sure exact temps off hand. Next time I game, I'll check them out and let you know.
  2. i have the same card. EVGA 8800gts 320Mb Superclocked. and i get same temperature as you. don't worry it's normal. if your worried. change the fan control from automatic to manual and set it to 75% or more. this bring down the idle temperature and in automatic its default fan load is set to 59%.
  3. Those temps are normal, not to worry. That card is a beast, and it runs fairly hot.....nowhere near the X1900's though, those heat up a room!

    Temps are fine, you're good.
  4. n-tune will not let me adjust gpu fan settings.it will let me overclock all i want but again will not let me adjust fans on my gpu.
    how can i enable this i have the asus p5nsli crosshair 590 mb or do you think my mb has it disabled
  5. I think that is being fixed in the next version of Ntune. In the meantime, I *think* you need to use ATI Tool to control the fan speeds.
  6. whats ati site add
  7. well found the site ,no gpu fan controler
  8. rivatuner works to adjust fan speed
  9. i downloaded rivatuner,nvtweak.n-tune.I can not adjust my gpu fan :cry: :cry:
  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. If you're using ntune/nvidia ctrl panel to adjust, it's a bit flakey.
    For me it always takes 2x or more tries, the 1st attempt does nothing and the second or third usually takes it up to 99%.

    My temps are ~55c idle, ~64c max when the fan is max speed.

    my specs:
    opty175 & Scythe SCNJ-1100P
    EVGA 133-K8-NF41 & G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX (2x1GB 2-3-2-5)
    EVGA 8800gts 320mb
    3 x hdd's & 1 x dvd
    old Gateway 500mhz server case & 2 x 120mm fans & aerocool gatewatch
    Antec TPII-480 blue
  12. I didn't have any problems adjusting the fan speed just make sure your in the right area to adjust the speed and not where you monitor the speed.

    For some reason for me it doesn't do anything under the driver level control area where you also overclockl, but it works if you go to the low level system control that you can get to from the target adapter area of the main control panel. The program isn't the most intuitive you kinda just have to click around to find what settings are available.
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