new computer build.. DVDs wont play, freeze up WMP

I just built a new computer about a month and a half ago and for some reason it will not play DVDs in windows media player, windvd, or powerdvd. I've tried the nvidia puredecoder and that didnt solve anything. I've got all windows updates no solution there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys.

Win XP Pro SP2 - all recent updates
Core 2 duo 6400
asus p5n32sli
1 gb ddr2 800
xfx 7900 gt
audigy 2
WD HDD sata

Just for reference:
- am running norton systemworks 2006 (i know resource hungry) with only antivirus installed firewall)
- windows firewall (behind a physical
- windows defender

Thanks in advance!
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  1. that just tells me what decoders I have... the ones I have are compatible...
  2. if you can't play dvd files its your codecs. ;)
  3. Assuming you're trying to work with 11 - how about uninstalling that and fall back to 10?

    When I went to 11, it played back my audio cd's so poorly that I went back to 10.
  4. I am assuming you formatted the drive using NTFS File Format and not Fat32 right? cos fat32 cant handle dvd size files I believe
  5. Is your DVD drive set to the same region as the movies you are trying to play?

    For example: The United States uses Region 1, so if your drive isn't set at Region 1 - it won't play any movies that are purchased in the US.
  6. Well, if the codecs I have arent working (i've got the nvidia puredecoder and a powerdvd decoder) would you reccomend reinstalling them?

    Yes, the drive is NTFS

    And I've tried playing the dvds in 10 same thing...

    Also, I'm not sure its a region setting because the title information will show up on the side as well as the chapters, but I'll look into it.

    Thanks for the responses btw!
  7. if you have more then 2 different kinds of codec pack installed they can cause problems. uninstall all codec pack and just install one and see if that helps. other then that, nero codec pack or klite codec packs are ok also. ;)

    good luck
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