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I recently purchased a AMD FX-8120 Zambezi CPU from Newegg for a new build but had to return it. The reason for my concern is that under the FAQs section for RMAs the CPU return policy is that if a CPU is physically damaged Newegg will not replace it. My CPU was physically damaged(bent pins), but it was DOA. I discovered that the pins were bent when I attempted to put the processor in the motherboard socket and it would not go in.

I believe it was due to poor packaging as the CPU was flipped the wrong way in its plastic case, and the pins were not facing the protective foam. I was not at all responsible for the damage. But Newegg's policy is that it wont replace any damaged CPUs.

So am I screwed? Has anyone here had to go through an RMA of a CPU with Newegg? Please tell me I didn't just lose $200.
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  1. in such cases its always a good idea to take a picture of how the product came.

    however... what you should do is talk to newegg customer service and explain the whole story. you might or might not get a refund.....but a replacement definitely shouldnt be a problem.

    but i'm not need to talk to them.
  2. UPDATE: I talked to customer support about the RMA and they gave me UPS shipping label. Unfortunately I have already shipped it back to Newegg at my own expense. The Newegg CSR added some additional comments to my RMA page explaining that the CPU was DOA. I still have a feeling that the RMA is going to get rejected...
  3. yeah...its also a good idea to talk to ship it as newegg is good about getting return labels to you. looks like you're going to have to eat the shipping cost this time because you didnt wait. hopefully you do have an RMA number on the box!
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