Good build?

Hi, I'm looking to build a computer, and have done so once before. But I had some compatibility issues the first time.

Inno3D 8800GTX 768MB
Pentium C2D E6600

This will be primarily used for gaming, but I'm unsure about ram. Any suggestions or other ideas for parts would be appreciated :D
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  1. Anymore info you can provide us with? Such as your price range, what parts you have now that you could reuse. Oh and what country you from. If australia ill be shoppin at umart for ya :P. if america it'll be newegg.
  2. It is Australia. Sorry I should have been more clear.

    This build is from scratch, but those are the main parts I want to include. Because, as I failed to mention the first time around, with my first build I just threw everything together and ended up getting some nice ram failure.

    So if anyone could suggest a more appropriate motherboard (dont want to go sli), or some ram for it that would be very helpful.

    As for the basic stuff every PC has, I'll probably go down to the local shop for that (DVD burner, case, psu). I will be building this myself.

    Looking to spend about $2000, but willing to go over if it's worth it.
  3. Just realised, Umart sydney is down right now :( High shipping prices? I would actually prefer to buy locally than online, I just need some help with the parts.
  4. monitor or no monitor :P
  5. haha, sorry, 19 widescreen 1440x900. It's just the box I need.
  6. thats alright dude, ill put together a list rite now for ya. dunno if you'll be able to squeeze out a 8800GTX and 6600 just yet. might be doable though
  7. holy friggin CRAP!. a quad core for less then $800:| and the 6600 is less than $350. i think this is quite possible now.

    For the record, yes i did indeed cream my pants :D
  8. ok dude heres what i came up with, all quality parts btw.

    Intel ATX E6320 CORE 2 DUO 1.86GHz/4MB CACHE/1066FSB/LGA775 $239
    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 P965 PCIE16, DualDDRII SATAII Glan $189
    Asus EN8800GTX-HTDP-768MB DDR3 PCIEx16 HDTV 2xDVI-I HDCP $855

    Patriot 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2-800MHz 4-4-4-12 $393
    Antec P180B Performance One ATX MidiTower(no PSU) $219
    SilverStone ST60F 600 Watt Power Supply, SLI ready, Titanium black $189
    Seagate SATAII NCQ 320GB 7200RPM 16mb Cache $125

    TOTAL = $2209

    there is definately room there for cost cutting, and i wasn't sure about the case so i just went with one i knew was pretty good. Couldn't budget in a Stacker for ya :cry:
  9. Is it possible to cut down on the ram, I'd prefer a faster cpu, rather than ram wouldn't I?
  10. Also, how does an E6320 compare with a 6600?
  11. its new out on the market, and the only difference i think is the speed of em. These CPUs are made for overclocking though dude. You could easily reach Extreme speeds with that cpu,motherboard,and ram combo.

    And doesn't that ram look beautiful to you :p i mainly picked it cause patriot rock. Plain and simple. The cheapest DDR2800 with 4-4-4-12 timings i found was some cheapo Geil stuff with a really horrible looking heatsink
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