help with salvaging data from HDD...

OK, i've resorted to coming here and posting a HELP thread...

i have a custom built computer running windows xp. it appears that after installing nero (version 7), my computer does not boot up - BSOD - and automatically reboots.

running in SAFE MODE, the computer does the same thing - BSOD. no matter what mode i boot into, the computer restarts.

i have exhausted all my options that i know.

the issue is that i need the data on this HDD.


what are my options to get this data off the HDD?

p.s. - the computer i'm using to type this thread is running WIN2K.

thank you for any help...

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  1. Try a repair install to stabilize the O/S.

    Pop in your XP cd (cd drive should be first in the BIOS boot order) and press any key to boot from the cd (you have 3 seconds).

    When you come to the first instance offering a repair - DO NOT PRESS R.

    Hit Enter, and you will come to another screen offering to repair an existing Windows installation. Now press r to proceed with the overwrite.
  2. will it still work if my version of the windows xp cd is an ORIGINAL? i.e. - non SP1 or SP2...

    my computer, prior to "crashing", was running with SP2.
  3. Yes, it'll still work. BUT, XP would have to go through a hundred or so updates.

    I see you're able to use another comp in the meantime. You should Google how to do "Slipstream". It's not all that hard if you carefully read the instructions. I like this one the best:

    You wouldn't have to do SP1 at all because SP2 accumulates all of those fixes. Having your XP cd merged with SP2 is a tremendous time saver, and very rewarding to accomplish it successfully and have it work.
  4. thank you pscowboy!

    i indeed have a retail windows xp cd. i suppose this cd can become the "updated" install cd?

    in any case, the use of this "updated" cd to perform the "repair" would be temporary right?

    i'm assuming that once i am able to salvage all of my important files, i should wipe the hdd out again and perform a CLEAN installation of windows xp using this "updated" install disc?
  5. Yes! Once you finish the slipstreaming process, that cd becomes your install cd for everything; repairs & future clean installs if need be. Perform the repair as layed out, for a "temporary" fix. Let's hope it works.

    I do not like paper sleeves - use jewel cases; and handle with care.

    I would make TWO copies; put one in a drawer. Make sure you keep ALL of your cd's away from light (remember, fluorescent lighting also emits ultraviolet as well as natural light). The dyes that are used to make cd's can be compromised by ultraviolet.

    Wipe (actually not technically true) the hd after the salvage, with a W98 (or ME) boot floppy by invoking fdisk and deleting all partitions. Then pop in your SP2 XP and let 'r rip!!!!!

    Make sure you format NTFS, but NOT THE QUICK!

    BTW, use Nero's version 6. Very stable; gives you all you would ever need in a burning app. I would recommend Works like a dream in XP.
    That is downloadable, and if you have a serial # - it'll activate.
  6. once again, thanks pscowboy...

    great tips. and i can attest to the nero 7x being unstable. it's the very reason for my having this issue. :(

    i'll post up to let you know how it goes.

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