P965 foxxconn motherbaord problem please help + URGENT

i have quite an urgent problem conserning my second build which is similar to the one in my signiture but it has a 7600 and it is running vista hp.

so the problem is with my hardrive (and dvd drive which is also Sata) not being recognised by my foxxconn p965 motherboard on reboot. it will be fine for a while but when i put the PC to sleep for a while and then return to window it doesnmt want to do it and require rebooting, and when in boot squence it tell the sata drives are not being found as if they werent plugged in. this is not every time but maybe once ever 1 weeks.

to reserect the PC i turned the power off and remove then plugback in the sata cables, this generaly sorts it, but it is not ideal for a new system.

could the problem be down to the sleep function or is it rooted in the motherbaord.

i have tride moving it into a different sata port but no success.

can some PLEASE tell me what is wrong and how i fix it. many thanks
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  1. Here's a few things that you can try. Update the motherboard BIOS, correctly place the appropriate jumper with the drives. If sata drive IS PRIMARY then place the jumper as follows on back of the drives

    hard disk

    ---- ---> x---

    DVD drive

    ---- ---> -x--

    Check you cables to make sure that they are placed right
  2. thank im gonna try that, any more ideas anyone
  3. could be a vista bug
  4. yeah i wish i could do with a scape goat, it lies in the mother baords south bridge im sure
  5. Did that help?
  7. Can you give me the model number for your motherboard
    Foxconn P9657AA-8EKRS2H

    thats the name and serial number

    thank you
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