What exactly do you get with a Vista Upgrade Voucher?

Hi, I'm considering purchasing a new system that offers Windows XP Media Centre (OEM) with a voucher to upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium (OEM).

I'd like to know exactly what I get in exchange for my voucher?

I'm assuming I get a CD that allows me to install Vista on my system. However, is it a CD containing a a complete Vista OS or is it something else?

Also, what's to stop me using this CD to upgrade my existing system to Vista?

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    my guess would just be a OEM copy of Vista Premium Upgrade. You will get a shinny sticker and a DVD Rom. If the upgrade process works like Xp's, you would insert your Vista disk, after some thinking it will ask you to prove previous ownership, insert your xp or 2k disk and it will (hopefully) like it. It will then go on to install normally. This is all a guess though...
  2. From what I understand, the upgrade version will look for it's upgrade counterpart (XP home to Vista Basic, XP Pro to Vista Business, etc), load and then disable your current copy of XP.
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