Should I upgrade from an ATI 9550 to a XFX GEFORCE 7600 GS X

I have an ATI 9550 Radeon card and it does pretty good. mwave has a special deal on the XFX GEFORCE 7600 GS XXX 512MB agp card and I was wondering if there would be a significant difference in FSX with the updated card? How much difference? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being do it by all means.....
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  1. Depends.

    Do your game run slow? Do you feel you need a better card?

    It will be a big, and worthy upgrade, it's just a question of whether you actually need a better card.
  2. What's the rest of your hardware, CPU, memory, PSU etc., and as prozac asked, why do you feel the need to upgrade? What games do you run, or programs if you do not game? Give us some details, and we'll be able to give better advice.
  3. depends on the size of your monitor and what resolution you are looking for.

    how much ram do you have? I heard you should have min. 1 gig for fsx
  4. KV-80 AMD Sempron 2800+, 2GB RAM, ATI 9550 256MB RAM Video.

    Looking for video improvement on Flight Simulator X.

    Maybe I should not botther upgrading and simply get a board which supports Direct X 10.0
  5. could be your processor...

    amd dual cores x2 family is really cheap now.

    On board video will not be as good as your current one.
  6. I meant get a new board which supports PCI-E and get a nvidia 8800 series video card.
  7. It'll be a real nice improvement. I've changed from a geforce FX5700 which is about the same as you have now to that exact same card. It was awsome. You won't regret it. I did that when I still had my anthlon XP 2500+ barton and 1GB of corsair value select...I'd give it a 10 but you might want to go the PCI-E route and X2 CPU if you have the money...
  8. Thank you for that real-world answer. I really appreciate it when someone has real-life experience when I ask a question, not that tech information is not helpful but real-life experience speaks volumes. Thank you
  9. The 7600gs blows the 9550 out of the water hands down.No need to think on that one,except that maybe you need something even more powerful than the 7600.No,I would get the 7600gs for now and maybe build a whole new system later down the road when it's more favorable for you to do so.Goodluck.


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  10. What you really have to do is talk budget, otherwise we're shooting blanks.
    If you want a new system give us your maximum comfortable budget.
    If only a video card, with the knowledge that you will be hamstrung by the agp upgrade path, give a budget for that.

    AM2 technology is really inexpensive for impressive performance, Intel has dropped their prices as well, combine that with a new video card launch impending and the inexpensive prices of a solid card like the 8600gts and 8800gt (not to mention decent lcd monitors to play them on) you couldn't pick a better time to upgrade.
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