Does anyone know who to perm. disable EIST in laptop Core 2

Trying to disable the EIST in my Core 2 Duo notebook to get the most performance. My CPU has been benchmarking lower or equal to a Core Duo T2700 in Cinebench 9.5 and ScienceMark. I was wondering if turning off EIST would help give me an edge. I rarely run off of battery so battery performance isn't an issue.
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  1. You could probably do it with some app....but why?
    As long as your not overclocking; which is likely in a laptop, there is no advantage to disabling EIST. Really. As soon as you start an app, the speed will raise itself anyway. I'm assuming your running XP? Vista has an option to turn it off.
  2. I running Vista, where is that option
  3. Over by the clock on the taskbar there should be a battery icon. Left click on it and change the power plan to high performance. Voila! Your CPU is locked at the highest clock speed.

    Easy, Right? :D
  4. Can't you do this in XP as well? It works on my X2 3800+ and on my Pentium M 740.

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