window server home edition ???

anyone looking at windows server home edition,,
sound like a good Idea or more m$
have followed various takes on it,, but sounds
serious this time. Will it be available only
on a prebuilt like MCE at first as it looks likely and
seperately (w/hardware !!) later

found on Daily Ramblings of an SMS engineer
" But this was the first I had heard of Windows Server Home. It is aimed at the media center market. Being a low cost media center that houses, music, files, movies, TV, but also does file storage, firewall, spam filtering, antivirus and handling patches. Running on Vista of course"
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    I was really looking forward to this being something great, but it looks like it's just going to be a generic NAS with automated backups and video streaming. :cry:
  2. I'd seen a similar posting but not to that detail,,,
    have an old computer that matchs the basic's
    might see if I can find the beta2 and load it there
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